1 Day In Dubrovnik

As much as a geography buff that I claim to be, I really knew very little about Croatia so I wasn’t sure what to expect and therefore I knew even less about Dubrovnik. Needless to say, we were in for a really pleasant surprise when our ship, the MSC Musica, pulled into port that day.

We had an amazing day in this spectacular port city and here’s what we did to give you an idea on how you too, can spend the day in this beautiful place.

Rather than doing an excursion, we opted to take the ship’s shuttle to the center of town and do some wandering around on our own.

The walled-surrounded portion of the old city hosted some lovely shops – everything from chocolate to handbags and was also home to some fantastic architecture for any photography buff. Being that it’s a walled city, we knew we wanted to walk the wall for some great views and I’m so glad that we did because we were certainly not disappointed at all. Tip: This involves a lot of walking, and stairs, so be sure to wear comfortable shoes and also bring some water.

It cost us about 70 kuna per person (approx. $14 Cdn, or $11 US) to walk the wall and it was well worth it. I highly recommend this. The views from here were ah-mazing.

After walking the wall we made our way to the cable car that goes to the high hill for even more spectacular views of the region. You can see the nearby islands, the walled city, and the sea from here. Tip: The quickest way to the cable car was straight up the stairs from the old city. It was definitely a workout and a great way to work off any sweets you consumed beforehand.

The cost of the cable car was about 150 kuna per person (approx. $30 Cdn, or $24 US) and I’m telling ya I would have paid double for that because it was just spectacular. There is a restaurant there as well and is a great spot to sit and enjoy the view. Tip: Allow yourself enough time to be able to enjoy the moment and I highly recommend grabbing something at the restaurant to complete the experience.

Highlights: Walking the city and taking the cable car. I cannot imagine if we had missed out on doing these things. They were simply awesome experiences and I can’t see any visit to Dubrovnik being complete without doing these activities.

Wish we’d seen: While I wouldn’t trade off what we did do for anything, I would definitely love to return to the area and either visit a local beach or head off for a wine tour.

Advice: As mentioned before, comfortable shoe are a must if doing a walk around the city. We walked the city for hours, and happy feet can make the difference between a good experience and having to sit it out completely.

Here’s some other things you can check out if spending the day in Dubrovnik:

1. Historic walking tours
There’s so much to see on Prijeko street and Brsalje Street and a great way to learn the interesting history of this city.

2. Boating/kayaking/canoeing
Take in one of the many types of water trips and explore more to this city from the water.

3. Day trip wine tours
We bought some Croatian wine and it was fabulous. I’d definitely do a wine tour next time we are there.

4. Visit Historic sites (such as Fort Bokar and the Dominican Monastery)
History buffs will love the history and artifacts on display.

5. Visit one of the many local beaches
Banje beach is one of the most popular among tourists and is closest to the old part of the city.

Dubrovnik is an amazing city and I cannot imagine having anything but an incredible time here. Whatever you choose to do will undoubtedly be a fantastic experience.

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