10 Sleep Hacks For A Better Morning

I love my sleep time. Like seriously l-o-v-e it. So much so that I can probably sleep just about anywhere. My problem, however, is getting up…. on work days. (weekends, no problem) Getting out of bed when the alarm goes off can be one of the hardest parts of my day, and it hasn’t even started yet. Lord knows, many a morning I fight the urge to just stay in bed a little longer… especially when it’s cold and dark outside. And it’s ten times worse if I didn’t have a good night’s sleep.

Whether you suffer from not being able to fall asleep , or have trouble staying asleep, these are some surefire ways to help you have a much better morning. And who couldn’t use that?

Forego the late workout
If you’re the type who has to make sure you “just have to” get your workout in before you go to bed, make sure it’s at least 2 hours before your bed time. Your body will need at least that much time to unwind from a blood-pumping workout and settle down.

Hold the caffeine after 2pm

You’d be surprised how long caffeine can affect your body after drinking it. So hold off on that caffeine stop on your way home or the specialty coffee after dinner. Still need a hot beverage to complete the day? Try opting for caffeine-free rooibos tea, or hot lemon water.

Keep the room dark

Melatonin, which is produced by our bodies to induce sleep, only works when it’s dark. Even the smallest amount of light (like the lit up power button on an in-room device) can be detected by our eyes and stops the melatonin process, disrupting sleep. We invested in a set of good black-out curtains to keep street lights and other disruptive glare outside the bedroom.

Put the phone on airplane mode
If you use your phone as your alarm clock, make sure it’s on airplane mode while you sleep so the electromagnetic fields from your phone don’t affect your body’s melatonin production.

Avoid blue light exposure
I first learned about this when my step-daughter was suffering from mild insomnia. The culprit behind it? The cell phone/iPad use she had right before bedtime was preventing her brain from getting into sleep mode. Blue light from TVs, phones and computer screens can make our brains think it’s still day-time and makes it hard for our minds to power down and prep for sleep. Try giving up the screens from 1 to 3 hours before bed to give your brain time to unwind.

So there you go… some things you may not have realized were keeping you up at night and easy things you can do to change it.

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