12 Side Hustles for the Creative Soul

If you’re like me, you’ve got a penchant for making and creating things. Maybe it’s photography, or art, or crafts, or sewing, or any slew of other things that feed your creative side. No matter what it may be, I bet you that you can turn it into a side hustle and earn some extra money from it. Who wouldn’t want that, right?

Here’s some creative things that you may not have realized could be bringing you in some extra cash as a possible side hustle:


  1. Flour power

I love to bake, but one thing I don’t have the talent for is making things look delectable. My cakes are lopsided and my cookies are often misshapen and quirky. But if you have a talent for beautiful cakes, cupcakes and people line up for your cookies, you might have a side-gig on your hands. There are lots of in-house bakers making specialty cakes and selling them to folks in their local area at a pretty price too.


Start taking photos of your creations, pop them up on social media sites like Facebook, get some testimonials and get baking! (Be sure to check your local regulations, as you may require certain certification or food handling courses in order to sell food products in some venues.)


  1. Feeling “sew-sew”

If you’ve got a knack for sewing, this might be something you do as a side hustle by offering to do alterations and/or making items you can sell. My friend does both. She is handy with a sewing machine and not only does good business from the people who need hemming and repairs, but she also makes handy dandy things and sells them in several local specialty boutiques. What was merely a hobby turned into a great side hustle for her.


She advertised her alteration service on Facebook and approached those small specialty stores with a few of her items. Next thing she knew, she had several orders and some regular clients.


  1. Say cheese…

Have a love for photography? I do. I love doing travel photography and also stock photography and I turned my love of stock photos into a side hustle myself. Photography is one of those skills that can easily be honed by taking a couple photography courses either at a local photography store or through online courses. You lady in my local area started up a pet photography business, because hey, portraits just aren’t for babies and kids anymore, Fido and Snowball are getting them done too.

There are plenty of avenues of photography that you could get into like engagement photos, wedding photos (if you’ve really got talent), pet photos, commercial photos, real estate photos, product photos, stock photos, and so many more possibilities.  If thinking of selling your stock photographs, you can sell them on sites like CreativeMarket, Shutterstock, Etsy or even your own website.


  1. Vacation away…

Love to travel? Love to plan vacations for people? Have a knowledge of the travel industry? You might be the perfect person to do travel planning for people on the side. There are home-based travel planning jobs that you can do as well. In Canada, check out Flight Center’s remote travel agent positions, and in the US, check out Avoya Travel for their opportunities for at-home agents. Destination knowledge if definitely a must for this job but the good news is that it can easily be learned and if you already have travel experience you are one step ahead.


  1. Par-tay Planner…

If you’re one of those people who loves organization, has a creative flair and loves planning out party details to ensure that no detail is left undone, then you might be the ideal party/event planner. From kid’s parties to reunions, to weddings to corporate events, there’s no shortage of gatherings you can plan. Word of mouth is likely your best way to land gigs. Start out with planning parties for friends and colleagues to get your name out there, and make sure you have a social media presence even if you’re focus is just in your local area.


Planning a party of your own?  Be sure to check out my Party Planner so you can be sure to have the event you’re dreaming of with no detail left behind.


  1. Home body…

Some people have a knack for interior spaces and can easily tell from the glance of a room just what should go where and how to make the space flow. If you’ve got this talent, you could be an expert home stager. Often working alongside real estate agents, home stagers turn houses into outstanding showpieces for the purpose of selling the home by adding or rearranging existing furniture, adding décor items, or other such details to make the house a real showpiece to the potential buyers.


  1. With this ring… or bracelet…

Every time I walk into a Michael’s craft store, I see lots of women buying jewelry making supplies. If you have a knack for designing jewelry, you may already know you have a market for it through sites like Etsy where thousands of jewelry makers are bringing in some serious cash. If you love creating unique pieces, there’s definitely a slew of customers for you as people flock to online craft marketplaces for unique jewelry items to add to their collections.


  1. Print this way…

I love creating printables and other digital products to sell in my Etsy shop. The process itself almost makes me giddy with delight upon finishing a new item. If you also like creating digital items for printing, you can have a side-hustle on your hands. There are so many ideas for things you can make for customers like business cards, invitations, RSVP cards, printable décor items, planners, and so much more. People are continually buying these items from shop owners all over the internet.  Try starting out with a site like Creative Market or Etsy to show off your creations.


  1. What’s old is new again…

Ever buy something from a thrift store and remodel it or refinish it into a newly restored piece? I haven’t, but if you have, you can start a side hustle of taking old items and making them new again. A person in my local community buys old furniture and turns them back into beautiful pieces. With some sanding, some light repair and some stain or paint, what was old and seemingly nothing more than junk, can be resold for a nice profit and on display in someone’s home.


  1. Skin Deep

I love dabbling with makeup but don’t ask me to do someone else’s makeup because I just wouldn’t know where to start. If you have a talent for turning a face into a work of art, you should seriously considering becoming a makeup artist. You could do makeup for special occasions like weddings, proms, parties, or even photo shoots. Start with a simple website design like this one designed with Wix and showcase your talents.


  1. Soak it Up

Did you know that homemade bath and beauty products are a mega million dollar industry? It’s true. All those bath fizzies, lotions, scrubs and the such that are made by the savvy home “chemist” are turning into really profitable side hustles. Check out what others are selling on Etsy and see how you can brand and package your bath time items for sale.


  1. Not so starving artist

A woman I’ve known since high school started up painting as a way to relax. When her creations were actually really beautiful, she started selling them and boy did they sell. She took them to craft markets and some of her large pieces are selling for $150 or more! If paining is something that you’ve dabbled in, you might consider this as your side hustle as well. Your talent could be bringing you in some serious money.


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How’s that for a list of creative side hustles that can be making you some major moo-lah? What can/will you do to earn some extra money?

Ciao for now…

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