12 Ways To Save Money Every Day

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I love to save money, so much so that if it was an Olympic event, I’d have more gold medals than Michael Phelps. Just sayin’. I know the prices of just about everything in the grocery store by heart, and could likely win big on The Price Is Right if I was a contestant. Yes, it’s true.
I don’t have any reason to be budget-conscious other than the fact that I am just frugal. I hate the thought of paying more for anything than I have to. It kills me. I guess I’d just rather the money in my pocket than the retailer’s.
With all this being said, there’s plenty of ways that you can save money doing every day tasks. And believe me, I’m doing them as frequently as possible myself.

Here’s my ways of saving a little moolah every day:

Make a meal plan

This is one of those things I wish I knew when I had started living on my own. You can save so much money on groceries if you make up a meal plan for the week ahead of time. Take a look at what you already have in your cupboards fridge and freezer and make a plan using what items you have. Got a bag of rice, a jar of salsa and some frozen chicken? Sounds like one day’s meal already done.

Pour over grocery flyers

You don’t have to be a crazy coupon lady to take advantage of things when they are on sale. I actually pour over the weekly grocery store flyers every week and see if there is anything I need that’s on sale. Plus – I base my entire family’s weekly meal plan based on items in the flyers. If I see that pork roast is on sale, I will add it to my meal plan for that week as opposed to buying it another time when it may be full price.

Write a list and stick to it

If I have a few items to pick up, maybe some soap, hairspray and let’s say some shampoo, I make a list and make sure that I stick to what’s written down. It can be so easy to give into impulse purchases. I find that writing down the items I need helps me stick to just those things. (Even if it means running in the store with pretend blinders on just so I can grab some stuff and leave.)

Ask for rain checks

Every now and again, a store runs out of an item on sale and lemme tell you, I ain’t too proud to ask for a rain check. When the clerk asks me how many of the item I plan to purchase with the rain check, I always say one or two more than I think I need just in case I decide to make something the following week in my meal plan with this item. May as well get it while for less while I can.

Cash-in recyclables

You’d be surprised how recyclable cans and bottles can add up. We kept ours piling up for some time and were shocked when it totaled over $40 at the recycling depot. It was a nice surprise for sure. So don’t underestimate those “empties”.

Buy in bulk

When it’s cost effective, I always try to buy in bulk. A bigger package of something is always cheaper per unit than the smaller size. It costs more up front, but saves you in the long run.

Make your own coffee/tea

Long gone are the days when I used to buy my morning tea at a shop on my way to work. Forget it, it was costing me a fortune. I switched to buying teabags and making my tea at home or at work for just pennies per cup. I’ll save buying the tea or a coffee for a special day out and that way it’s more of a treat.

Make your own snack portions

Buying pre-portioned snacks are way more expensive than doing it yourself. I buy a large bag/box of certain snacks and re-bag them myself into portions. This is super handy when it comes to kid’s lunches too. For instance, you can get way more mini-bags of crackers from a traditional box of crackers than you can if you bought the pre-portioned ones.

Pack your lunch

Buying your lunch can be upwards of $10 to $20, but you can pack your lunch for just a few bucks. I tend to pack lunches for my husband and I from what’s left from supper from the night before and this just means making a little extra when making supper. It’s a great way to avoid waste and it doesn’t cost us anything to bring it.

Do grocery shopping on an empty stomach and by yourself

I think we’ve all heard this one a million times and yet there are times when I’m on the fly and I end up at the grocery store on an empty stomach and notice how much more I throw in the cart when this happens. I also try to go to the grocery store alone. It’s quicker and easier without any kids hanging off the cart saying “Can we get theeeeese?” and “But I want thisssssss”.

Buy generic

I buy the generic brand whenever possible on everything from medicines to groceries. I don’t notice any difference when it comes to any over-the-counter meds and I rarely notice any difference on food items like canned vegetables and the like. All this being said there are certainly some items I must buy the name brand version … like ketchup. I gotta have my certain type of ketchup.

Wait for Sales

I RARELY ever buy anything at regular price. I love a sale and love bragging about it even more. I bought a super cute dress a few weeks ago for $4! Yes, it was marked down on summer clearance and then the store had an additional 30% off already reduced items. I scored big on that deal I tell you. One of my fave clothing stores regularly has 40% off on specific Thursdays, I will always wait for that night as opposed to going in and getting something when the mood strikes me. A great time to buy is when stores have their end-of-season sales… always a great time to snag good deals.

So like I said above, if there’s a way to save money, I’m “all over it”.

Are you the type who likes to save money whenever you can or the type who will just buy whatever you want when you want it?

Ciao for now…


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