15 FREE Things To Do In Rome

Everyone knows full well that Rome is a city that is rich in history and beauty. From the ornate architecture to the rustic old world charm it certainly has something for just about everyone.

When my husband and I visited Rome, we spent a few days in this wonderful city and managed to see so much of it for absolutely free. No, we didn’t sneak into places or magically get by security staff in places, but rather, we discovered that many of the things we wanted to see and do were actually things that were totally FREE. Who doesn’t love that?

While traveling can be quite costly, the good news is that just about every city in the world has a number of things that you can do for free.

So if you are traveling to Rome, here’s a list of FREE things to do to keep your travel budget in check while visiting this city steeped in beauty and history.


1. Take in a Free Walking Tour

You can take a free 2 hour walking tour around Rome through newromefreetour.com and get a great sense of the city. Just remember that these tours are tip based, so pay what you wish but be sure to tip well.


2. Walk along the river

Follow the sidewalk that meanders much of the Tiber river for great water views and cityscapes.

3. Stroll one of the many bridges cross the Tiber

There are a number of bridges that connect both sides of the city over the river and each one gives a unique view of the surroundings.

4. View the Coliseum from the outside

While I definitely recommend going in, I have to admit that even the exterior is spectacular to marvel. I recommend seeing it at day, but definitely at night as well.

5. Take a jaunt through the Circo Massimo

Go for a jog, or merely walk this  ancient Roman chariot-racing stadium and mass entertainment venue.

6. Sit a while in Piazza Navona

This beautiful square is perfect for people watching, to admire the local’s paintings for sale, or take in the three beautiful fountains.

7. Toss a coin in the Trevi Fountain

Legend says that tossing a coin with your right hand over your left shoulder ensures your return to Rome and while you’re at it, be sure to marvel at this impressive fountain.

8. Visit the Spanish Steps

Sit a while here and people watch and take in the views from the top of the stairs.

9. Visit St. Peter’s Basillica

While prices to visit the museum can be pretty steep, access to the Basillica is free, mind you the long lines may deter some. Don’t hesitate to visit the foregrounds at night when the pillars and basillica are lit up in full force.

10. Peek through the keyhole of the Priorato dei Cavalieri di Malta

I don’t want to say what’s visible through this keyhole, but it’s definitely something neat to see.

11. Stroll through Piazza del Popolo

This urban square has plenty to see whether it’s Neptune portrayed in the fountain, the twin churches or vendors selling their wares.

12. Visit Travasterre’s quaint streets

This popular area comes alive at night with people hanging out in the vibrant streets with plenty of places to eat and shop.

13. Explore Villa Borghese

This enormous park is a treat with plenty to see, spectacular views and is a great retreat to unwind and enjoy nature.

14. Visit Il Campo’

Undoubtedly one of Rome’s best-known markets, it transforms into a foodie’s paradise with plenty to drink and eat.

15. Piazza del Campidoglio

This hilltop piazza, designed by Michelangelo in 1538, is one of Rome’s most beautiful squares. There are several approaches but the most dramatic is via the graceful Cordonata staircase up from Piazza d’Aracoeli.


And there you have it, 15 awesome things to do for absolutely FREE.

Ciao for now…

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