25 Ways I’m Super Frugal (and why I love it)

I have to say that in many ways, financially I am doing really well. Could I improve? Absolutely. But overall, I’m definitely okay.

But that being said, I really think some of the credit to my financial comfort goes to the fact that I am super frugal. I’ve always been that way and probably always will be. Does it mean I never splurge? No not at all, but overall, I’m definitely frugal.

Just because I can afford to have designer clothes doesn’t mean I’m going to have them. It’s one of those things that while I see nothing wrong with people having them, it’s just soooo not me. I just can’t justify having an expensive handbag on my arm, or high end clothes on my back when I could be using the money for other things. Now like I said, there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just not me.

I think it’s like a lot of things in life. Some people spend money on their home, some spend it on cars, some on travel, and some on clothing, while others spend their money on all of those things combined. It’s really just up to what each individual deems as important or what they love to have.

As for myself, I really like being frugal. I love the thrill of finding deals and I get “high” on the fact that I saved a bunch of money. Maybe that’s weird, and if it’s wrong, well then I don’t wanna be right. Hahahaha. I just rather have the money in my pocket than a retailer’s pocket so to speak.

Here’s some things that I do that definitely qualify me as “frugal”:

  1. I buy a LOT of things I need at the dollar store… everything from greeting cards, storage containers, kitchen items, home décor, gloves, hats, scarves, etc.
  2. Most of my footwear is inexpensive and from places like Walmart or other stores and I rarely pay over $25 for any pair of shoes.
  3. Any clothes items I buy are always on sale. Never full price.
  4. I use apps like Checkout 51 to earn cash back on groceries.
  5. I wear clothes and shoes until they literally wear out.
  6. I will not drive around aimlessly to do errands, nor will I criss-cross the city going from place to place. Instead, I make a strategic plan.
  7. I scour the weekly flyers for sales and coupons.
  8. I never pay more than$30 for any handbag or purse and usually buy them at Marshalls/H&M or other such shops when they are on sale or marked down on clearance.
  9. I buy my every day jewelry anywhere that sells them cheap like the dollar store for some things, and other items I will buy from Claire’s when they have their 12 items for $12 promos.
  10. I plan out our meals weekly, and typically only buy items that I know are on sale by going over the weekly grocery flyers. I plan all meals according to what promos are on that week. I save hundreds of dollars every month using this method.
  11. I eat home most nights, rather than going out. And at times when I am tired and would rather grab some take out, I will still opt to make something quick at home rather than spend the money on eating out.
  12. I use coupons as often as I can and will often grab a couple extra when I see them, for future purchases.
  13. I do not and will not throw out product that is still in the bottom of the bottle/jar/container. I will use every drop of it until it’s gone.
  14. I often buy the “no-name” versions of things at the grocery store. What many people don’t realize is that the generic brand items are often made by the name brand companies anyway!
  15. I stock up on meats at the grocery store when they are on sale and freeze them for meals later.
  16. I never buy pre-cut/chopped/sliced/shredded food because it always costs more. I will buy the item and cut/shop/shred it myself. It only ever takes a couple of minutes to do this anyway.
  17. I put on extra clothes or a blanket rather than turn up the heat in the winter.
  18. I hang most of my clothes around the house to dry on laundry day – rather than use the dryer – to help them last longer and save money on energy bills. At the first sight of warmer weather I head out to the actual clothesline for that fresh air scent.
  19. I make my own cleaning solutions. Some water, some vinegar, some essential oils and you have your own eco-friendly cleaners at a fraction of the cost of commercial cleaners and so much better for your health.
  20. I make sure that my vehicle’s tires are always at their proper level because under-inflated tires actually cause your vehicle to burn more gas than usual.
  21. I make my own coffee/tea at home or at work rather than buy it at a coffee shop. This may not sound like a big deal but this daily habit can be costing you a ton of money over time.
  22. I always buy from the discount racks at the grocery store for produce that might not look as nice but is still edible.
  23. There’s a small shopping plaza near my work so I will opt to walk there rather than drive when it’s nice out if there is something I need to pick up.
  24. I price out things like crazy to make sure I’m getting the better deal. If buying paper towels, I consider the cost of the item as well as the number of sheets per roll and how many rolls. So many people just buy the item without considering if there’s a cheaper option or more bang for their buck.
  25. If waiting in the car, I don’t leave it idling, so as not to waste gas. Here in Canada, gasoline can be quite expensive so I hate to waste it. There are plenty of ways to save money on gas.

And there you have it, 25 ways I am frugal with my daily life. Like I said before, I like being frugal and although I certainly don’t have to be – I want to be. The money I save with the choices I make is how I manage to travel so frequently and that’s what is really my guilty pleasure. I looooove to travel. And I love to travel as often as I can. When you have a goal in mind (travel in my case) it’s a real motivator to save money and live frugally.

Are you a frugal person? What things do you do that are super frugal?

Ciao for now…

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