3 Productivity Tips to Get More Done

At times, I have been the queen of procrastination, but in the end, ole Father Time gets the best of me and I end up wishing I had gotten more done.

It’s times like those that I realized I had to start doing things differently. After all, isn’t the definition of insanity someone who does the same thing repeatedly but expecting a different result? That was me.

These are the 3 things I’ve discovered work for me when trying to be more productive:

Tackle the most important thing first.
This is not always easy when there are what seems like 100 things to do all at the same time, but there are almost always one or two things that must absolutely be done before other things. Those are the things I like to tackle first. Get them out of the way so I can check it off the list and move on.

Multitask when appropriate.
I love to multitask as much as the next person, but there are times when multitasking just leads to less attention and detail in each of the tasks. Some things just deserve our whole attention, while others may not. It’s important for me to determine this and plan accordingly.

Using “time blocking”.
When I first heard of this idea I thought it was kinda foolish. How on earth do I know how much time each thing takes? And truth was, while I didn’t know how much time to block off, I simply guessed and then worked around it. I couldn’t believe how much I got done using this method.

For instance, if I needed to fold and put away laundry, I’d block of 15 minutes and soon discovered that not only was I finishing it in 15 minutes, but I was also able to fully focus on this and get it done in sometimes less time than that. If I didn’t block off the time to do it, there were days it wouldn’t get done and if it did get done, I was lollygagging and it would take me way more time than needed.

It’s such a great feeling to have things accomplished. For instance, I’ve blocked off 25 minutes to devote to this blog post and BAMMM – it’s done in 23! *high five*

If you ‘re the “planner” type, I created a printable Productivity Planner for this reason… to plan out my day and make the most of my time. With 18 pages in four page sizes that are easy to print out you can just print and starting planning. Go ahead – plan out your day, week, month, projects, and so much more.

Stop procrastinating and start producing!



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