3 Quick Ways To Manage Your Social Media During the Holidays

It’s no secret that the holidays are a crazy busy time – even if you aren’t one to go overboard with it like some people do. It’s often tied up with business year ends, various holiday parties, shopping, family gatherings, and if you have kids, well add in those Xmas concerts on top of it all. Let’s face it, it’s hectic.
So what happens when you still have to (or want to) keep up your presence on social media? Easy.. peezy… with a little planning.

1. Get out the planner

If you haven’t tried having a blog planner, you should seriously give it a try. When I first started blogging I didn’t bother with one so I always seemed to post erratically, not nearly often enough and without any clear purpose. My blog planner was what changed everything. I started writing down exactly “what” I was going to post, on “which” days, and it made it so much easier to not only see it all laid out, but I could follow a full out, well planned schedule as well.
Figure out which days over the holidays you want to spend “not working” on your blog/business and prepare what you want to post for those days ahead of time.

2. Automate your content

Once you have determined which items you wish to post, set them up on a schedule to post automatically. We all know we can schedule our blog posts, but why not do the same for our social media accounts like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and others. It’s a great way to ‘set it and forget it’ with ease. Who doesn’t love being able to sit back with family and friends and know that your content is still getting out there so while YOU are on holiday hiatus, people won’t know your blog/business is too. The last thing you want is for any follower/subscriber to forget about you. So don’t let them by still scheduling posts.

3. Double check your posts

When scheduling your content on days when you want to appear “active” but have just set things on auto-pilot, make sure you aren’t posting things that require a response or action from your followers.  It would stink to post an open ended question on an Instagram post, only to have people comment and then hear nothing but crickets from you. Make sure your posts aren’t asking anything of your audience by avoiding polls, asking questions, or other such requests for interaction.  During any down time you can always pop on and respond to comments, but it doesn’t have to be a priority as it normally might for you.

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Remember, people know how busy this time of year is for themselves, so they also know it’s busy for you as well and may not expect replies anyway, but it’s still important to keep up your online presence. Thankfully, there’s ways to do that so we can all enjoy time with family and loved ones, no matter what you celebrate at this time year.

Ciao for now…

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