5 Ways to Jump Start Your Morning

I’ve always considered myself a morning person, even when I was a kid and teenager. While my older sisters would sleep in until noon, I was up at 7 or 8am and had a slew of things accomplished by then.

On weekends though, I gladly get out of bed at 7 or 8 and happy to face the day. There’s just some crazy idea I have about getting up later than that and feeling like the day is wasted. For some wacky reason, if I get up at 9 it’s too close to 10 which feels like 11 which may as well be Noon… and dang…the day is half gone. Crazy, I know.

On weekdays when I have to go to work, I’m not quite the chipper person that I am on the weekends. I’ve always envied the people who got up extra early, sipped their morning tea while watching the birds outside their windows and leisurely got ready for work in their little perfect lives. Meanwhile, I’ve been known to set the alarm, let it go off, lay in bed and just listen to the radio until I absolutely have to get up. This always led me to be super stressed rushing around when in reality it could have all been avoided with a little preparation and better habits to help me jumpstart my morning.

Soooo… here’s 5 ways to jump start your morning to get ready for the day…

Set your alarm a little earlier.
I know this may sound silly, especially coming from me who will set the alarm earlier, refused to leave the bed, contemplate if I have to wash my hair, consider hairstyles that will work with 2-day unwashed hair, argue with myself that I should really wash my hair, and ultimately get out of bed cranky that I have to wash my hair. So frankly, this is a work-in-progress for me. But – I have been doing better. The concept is to get out of bed when the alarm goes off, get in the shower and get moving. I will say that there is definitely a plus side to doing this and it’s that I get my mind around the day sooner. Once I’m physically up and moving, I’m just fine.

Get moving.

I hate exercise. Hate it. Butttt, when I get up and turn the shower on, it takes a few minutes to heat up so rather than stand there in my pjs with nothing to do I use the time to do some quick exercises and have them done for the day. I alternate the exercise every day and go between squats, some pushups, some crunches, and sometimes a wall sit. It something quick I do and it actually gives my brain a “happy” boost for the day. You’d be surprised how many of those exercises you can do in just a few minutes.

Make your bed.

I read once that making your bed is uber important because it’s really the first accomplishment of your day and it feels good to look and see something already completed. The bonus for me is that I barely move all night. My husband affectionately calls me the “mummy” because I tend to sleep on my back, arms folded and rarely move from that. Making the bed consists of me just moving the sheets back up to their original position. Opposite to me is my husband who looks like he played a game of rugby while he slept. The fitted sheet is off both corners, the main sheet is lost somewhere around the foot of the bed, the duvet is partially out of the cover, and there’s always a pillow or two scattered throughout the bed. Needless to say, it takes me a minute or two to find the “pieces” of the bedding on his side before I can make it. One thing we’ve incorporated since the day we lived together is that we alternate who makes the bed… sometimes me, sometimes him. It’s one of those things that whoever in the morning sees it not made will make it.

Simplify a beauty routine.
I mentioned earlier that I no longer wash my hair every day. I shudder at the years of stripping my hair with daily washings, so now I try to go a few days and use a good dry shampoo on days I don’t. My beauty routine consists of a shower, brushing my teeth, applying face lotion, applying foundation and mascara, quickly re-styling my hair, getting dressed, gathering my purse and lunch bag and then heading for the door. The whole process is about 20 – 25 minutes which isn’t bad.

Prepare your breakfast ahead of time.

If I had to sit down to eat and/or take time to make a breakfast, it would mean getting to work an hour late. My husband loves breakfast wraps, and we started making them ahead of time and wrapping them up so he can grab them on his way to work. He heats them up for 30 seconds in the microwave and takes them to eat in the car. He will also pack up a plain yogurt cup with some fresh fruit to eat when he gets to work. As for myself, I will freeze bags of fruit and spinach and just mix them in the morning in the blender. I can easily sip it on my way to work and avoid the coffee shop trap of sweets. If you can’t forego the coffee, have the travel cup and coffee portion ready to go in the morning so you just have to add the hot water and go.

Don’t think you can implement everything all at once? Try picking one thing and working at that. I’m not always a lover of change, so I hear ya if this is just too much. But I can assure you that making even one change will help you get your morning routine hopping.


Ciao for now…



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