6 Easy Ways to Make Money Online


It seems everyone you talk to would love to learn how to make money online whether it be just some extra “fun money” or actually replacing their current income. The problem is that not everyone knows just how to do it or what they can do to earn the money.

Here’s some easy ways that you can supplement your current income and who knows – maybe replace it some day.

1. Offer Services

If you have a talent or knack for doing something you can be offering your services to individuals or business clients anywhere in the world. For instance, having graphic design skills can take in you in all kinds of directions for making money online – whether it’s working for clients who need things or creating your own designs and selling them. Having business skills like bookkeeping can also create an opportunity for you to offer such services to clients, as often times you can offer your knowledge/skills to make money. Consider yourself a social media guru? Maybe start offering social media management to entrepreneurs or bloggers trying to make their mark.

2. Online Courses

This is becoming more and more popular as every day people are realizing they have a certain knowledge and can teach others how to do it as well. Using sites like Udemy and Teachable you can set up training modules to teach a variety of “how to” topics. Maybe you can teach how to use Photoshop, or how people can market their business, or something else of popular interest.

3. Blogging

This can (and likely will) be its own post one of these days as it’s a broad topic all by itself. That being said, there are plenty of ways to start a blog and earn money from it, whether it being through affiliate links, collaborations, or otherwise. There are lots of ways to make money blogging so if you love to write and have dedication to keep at it you can certainly turn it into a profitable business.

4. E-Books/Physical Books

This is another great example of how to make extra money if you have knowledge on a certain topic, or have a great imagination for fiction, or have life experience that others can relate and learn from. For instance, if you are really good at saving money maybe you could write a book on “How to manage your finances” or on “Saving money after college”, or perhaps you are a cancer survivor and could write a book on how you dealt through your treatment and how others can learn to do the same. Publishing a book years ago was a huge undertaking, but thankfully, today it can be done through self-publishing with such companies as Amazon where your book is only published when someone actually purchases it, as opposed to being of the select few who ever get picked up by a traditional publisher and having costs associated with that.

5. Selling Homemade Products

If you’ve got a crafty side, you can be selling your items on your own website or via craft sites like Etsy. People order your items, you ship them out and that’s pretty much all that’s to it. It really is that simple. In fact, it’s one of the things that I do for extra money… I sell stock photos and printable planners. The bonus of selling digital products is that there is no physical “shipping” of products so the process is totally automated.

6. Membership Sites

This is when you have people subscribe to a monthly, quarterly, annual membership for a certain item or service that you offer. For instance, this is popular with people who sell stock photos. They will offer certain memberships to access their site of photos for a specific amount of time. If you signed up for a 1 month membership, you will have 30 days to access the site. Typically, these sites add new items on a continual and frequent basis so as to always have new items.

There you have it … these are just a few ways to make money online that can be done in a relatively small amount of time and with minimal amount of money to get started.

If you could anything to earn some extra money, what would it be?

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