6 work-friendly healthy snacks

I don’t know about you but when I’m at work, it seems as though I’m constantly looking for something to snack on throughout the day. The sad part for me was that I was usually going for things out of the vending machine which instantly meant extra sugar and salt, but lacked any real nutrition. (this also explains the extra pounds I packed on over the last 8 months – oh joy)

So in an attempt to revise my snacking choices, I got advice from my fitness fanatic husband (yes, he’s a homicide detective by day, fitness guru at night.. hahaha)

Here’s my new ”go-to” choices for take-to-work that are not only easy, but delicious and definitely stave off my mid-morning and afternoon cravings – without adding to my waistline.

Cheese & Fruit
I absolutely love having an apple with some aged cheddar. The fiber in the apple and the protein from the cheese helps to make me feel full and gives me an energy boost.

I’ll pop it in advance and pack it in baggies for an easy to grab snack. I love the crunch and dress it up with spices… sometimes cinnamon, garlic and onion (no close conversations with co-workers afterward though).

I love sunflower seeds and my local health food store sells them already shelled and prepackaged. They are super easy to eat while I’m at my desk – by the spoonful. But a co-worker gave me a great idea to add other seeds like flax and chia to my Greek yogurt and cottage cheese, that I al
ready take in my lunch for an extra boost of omega-3 and antioxidants.

Plain Greek Yogurt
Okay, this one took me a long time to get used to because I found the yogurt kinda bitter. My husband adds fresh fruit which adds a sweetness and believe me, once you eat it regularly you will actually get accustomed to it. I originally started off by adding a little natural honey and slowly added less and less each time until I felt I didn’t need any more. The yogurt is high in protein which helps you feel full for longer.

Be still my heart.. I love avocados. I eat them sliced with a little pepper and just a spoon. Sooo delicious! But if eating them alone doesn’t strike your fancy, they go great as a salad topper too or mashed up with some spices and put on cucumber slices. Avocados are packed with goodness like vitamins B6 and C, plus fiber and potassium.

Nuts & Nut Butters
I love, love, love a handful of peanuts, or walnuts, or cashews, or hazelnuts, or my-all-time-fave pistachios. So this was an easy addition to my snack regimen. The trick is to keep it to the unsalted kind.. that’s right, no honey roasted/candy coated/drenched in chocolate kind here.

As for the nut butters… I’m personally only a fan of peanut butter (not so much the almond or cashew kind) but they go great as a spread with fruit or with a handful of crackers.

That wraps up my list of go-to work snacks that are super filling and don’t leave you feeling guilty either.

So go ahead…. snack on my friends… snack on!



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