65 Awesome Blog Post Ideas for Travel Bloggers

We’ve all been there… you have tons of great blog post ideas and then – BAM – your ocean of ideas has dried up and you’ve got nothing.

Have no fear, I’ve compiled a list of 65 blog post ideas to get you back on track and writing up new posts like it’s nobody’s business.


So here goes:

1. Your best-ever travel hacks
2. Your “go-to” travel outfit
3. Best things about traveling to (place)
4. What to pack for a trip to (place)
5. Top tips for travel photography
6. How to pack for a cruise
7. Cruises vs land tour – which is better
8. Best life lessons you learned while traveling…
9. Tips on traveling with others
10. My photography must-haves while traveling
11. How to take photos of yourself when traveling solo
12. Must Visit Places before you’re 25/30/35
13. Most Under/Overrated Resorts in (place)
14. Top 5 Gay-Friendly Destinations
15. Best Travel Blogs
16. Advantages/Disadvantages of Traveling Solo
17. How You Can Travel Full Time
18. Easiest Ways To Save Money For Travel
19. Top Destinations For First-Time Travelers
20. Best kinds of trips for newbie travelers
21. Ways To Be a Tourist in Your Hometown
22. How To Travel with just a carry on
23. Diary of My First Solo Trip
24. The travel destination I can’t wait to return to
25. What’s in My Carry-on Bag?
26.Places I can’t wait to see
27.Why I Hate/Love (place)
28. Surviving when you don’t know the language
29. My Scariest Travel Experience
30. Where I’m traveling next…
31. How to prepare for long trips
32. Where I’d live in the world if I could…
33. Must-pack items for a long flight
34. Best Language Apps for Travel
35. Traveling On a Budget
36. How Not To See (place)
37. The Most Overlooked Place in…..
38. Why you MUST see (place)
39. A vs B – Which Is Better?
40. If You Had Unlimited Money, Where Would You Live?
41. Best Backpacker Destinations
42. Pros/Cons of rental homes/apartments
43. Coping tips for nervous travelers
44. Staying in hostels
45. How to prevent travel mishaps
46. How best to prepare for international travel
47. Motivational Travel Quotes
48. My Travel bucket list
49. My Travel Must-Haves List
50. How to make the most of your travel time
51. The best/worst place you’ve visited
52. Top 5 Favorite restaurants in (place)
53. 10 things I can’t live without while traveling to (place)
54. How to take the best travel photos.
55. Hotel/destination review
56. Your go-to packing list for any kind of travel
57. What’s your favorite travel destinations and why?
58. Free activities to do in (place)
59. Showcase photos from your travels
60. Splurge-worthy things to do in (place)
61. Top activities for an adrenaline junkie to do in (place)
62. How To Survive a Long Haul Flight
63. How To Beat Homesickness
64. How To Pack a Suitcase like a Pro
65. How to find the best travel deals

And there you have it… 65 pretty gosh-darn awesome blog post ideas for any travel blogger to cure even the worst case of writer’s block.

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Happy posting!


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