75 Things To Do While On Quarantine

Last week I posted about some things you can do while at home on quarantine during the pandemic and it quickly became one of my most visited blog posts. So as a result, I’ve compiled a longer list of things you can do while at home during this time.

This is such a crazy time for everyone and as someone who often wished that the weekend would never end, this is certainly not what I meant. lol.

Please note that I am not in any way trying to diminish the seriousness of this virus because we all know it’s very serious and many people have lost their battle with it. I hope that everyone stays safe, stays well and certainly stays home if able.

As an introvert, I certainly have no trouble staying home but even I find this a little bit much. Thankfully, I have my blog and my Etsy shop to keep me busy and I cannot imagine what I’d do without either of them. All about gratitude when it comes to that.


So if you’re home, like I am, during this quarantine here’s some things you can do to help fill your days.

  1. Start a journal
  2. Spring clean your space
  3. Listen to your fave music
  4. Learn a new language
  5. Catch up on your fave YouTube videos
  6. Take up yoga or exercise program
  7. Learn to meditate
  8. Download some new music
  9. Reorganize your kitchen
  10. Spring clean your house
  11. Practice gratitude
  12. Go for a walk everyday
  13. Colour coordinate your closet
  14. Exercise every day for 30 minutes
  15. Have a spa day/evening
  16. Handwrite letters to friends and family
  17. Redecorate a room in your house
  18. Give yourself a mani/pedi
  19. Create a vision board
  20. Start a productivity journal
  21. Bake your favourite thing
  22. Learn to do something new
  23. Download some new apps that interest you
  24. Have a marathon of your fave show/series
  25. Do yoga
  26. Read/download self development books
  27. Research new podcasts of interest to you
  28. Take up painting
  29. Disconnect from social media for a day or two
  30. Research and plan your dream trip
  31. Take a luxurious bath
  32. Start a side hustle business
  33. Dance like no one’s watching
  34. Create a Bucket List
  35. Start a blog
  36. Practice self-affirmation
  37. Make a movie list
  38. Reorganize your finances
  39. Rearrange your living room
  40. Clean out your fridge/cupboards
  41. Listen to relaxation music
  42. Make craft projects
  43. Have your morning coffee tea outside
  44. Do a jigsaw puzzle
  45. Take naps
  46. Video chat with friends/family
  47. Plan your meals for the next month
  48. Increase your water intake
  49. Start a reading club with your friends over video chat
  50. Send letters to those in nursing homes
  51. Look up new meals on Pinterest
  52. Plant an indoor garden
  53. Learn a word a day
  54. Research your family history
  55. Organize your phone
  56. Start a 30-day challenge
  57. Try out a mailed subscription box
  58. Unclutter your email inbox
  59. Up your skin routine
  60. Watch an intriguing documentary/series
  61. Take a business class
  62. Learn a new hobby
  63. Clean out your car
  64. Take up colouring
  65. Try new smoothie recipes
  66. Write some poetry
  67. Make a personal budget
  68. Start a savings plan
  69. Map out your family tree
  70. Do some online shopping
  71. Organize old photos
  72. Watch some TED Talks
  73. Strategize a way to pay down your debt
  74. Try new makeup looks
  75. Tour museums virtually (smithsonian.com)

What are some activities that you’ve tried while on quarantine?

Ciao for now…

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