Hi there! I’m Janet, the creative soul behind the Live.Love.Inspire. blog where I like to think that I create awesome things for awesome people.

I also own Urban Design Company which is my Etsy shop that features digital creations all for download and include things for busy entrepreneurs, bloggers, lady bosses and everyone in between. It's a great place for those who love organization and functional design.

I love living a rather frugal lifestyle and share all kinds of tips on saving money, making money, budgeting, traveling and other aspects of everyday life.

I’m probably the world’s biggest Golden Girls fan and I’m not ashamed to admit that I consume way more hot chocolate than any human should.

I love to travel far and wide (38 countries and counting!) and currently live in eastern Canada.

I love helping others find inspiration and this is a place where you will find fun, useful, and creative stuff for you, your life, your blog, and wherever your zen space may be.