DIY Glam File Folders


How cute are these glammed up file folders?

They make such a pretty addition to any feminine office space – and the kicker – they were super easy to make.

I love all things “girly” and came up with this idea after buying some file folders and not being overly excited about their boring design. Why not glam them up, right?

I picked up some sheets of paper from my local Michaels craft store… for this project I used pretty gold and copper sparkle cardstock, and also the chevron and heart paper with gold foil.

Here’s what I used:

  • Package of file folders
  • Decorative papers (one 12×12 piece of paper is more than enough for one folder)
  • Craft glue (for the stiffer card stock)
  • Glue stick (for the thinner papers)
  • Scissors


To start, I added glue to the front section of the file folder and then affixed the decorative paper. Tip: Only use liquid glues when using a heavy cardstock type of paper as the thinner papers tend to warp with wet glue.


I found it easiest to place the glue side of the folder down on top of the back side of the fancy paper because it was easier to place it correctly. But you can do it whichever way you find it easier.


Once the glue has dried, you can trim off the excess paper. Tip: Be sure to use sharp scissors especially if using card stock paper otherwise the scissors will just chew the paper rather than cut it cleanly.


Once trimmed, flip over and do the same with the section that remains. To save paper, I just covered the parts that are showing and skipped doing the back of the folder since no one will see that part at all.

And that’s it, you’ve made reeeeally pretty file folders that are super easy to do and add a pretty feminine touch to any office or d├ęcor.

And here’s a glimpse of the finished products…

Ciao for now…



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