Easy ~Day to Night~ Vacation Outfits

My husband I love to travel and when we do, we try to travel with as little luggage as possible. Why? Well there’s a couple reasons, one is simply because I’m frugal and hate to pay the baggage fees that many airlines charge these days. Suddenly a good flight deal isn’t such a great “deal” when you are adding upwards of $50 to $100 in baggage fees for a return trip per person. Secondly, the bigger the luggage, the more hassle and more worry over bags getting lost. I don’t need that stress.

Traveling with just a carry on sized suitcase isn’t always easy, so I try to pack clothes that not only mix & match, but can also convert from day to night with just a few additions of simple accessories.

I try to pack shoes that can be worn with several things. I’m definitely not packing a different pair of shoes for every single outfit. My staples are a trendy pair of sneakers for comfort, a pair of flat shoes like flip-flops, and one – maybe two – pairs of dressy shoes are typically all I pack for a trip.

With clothing items, I try to keep to simple color schemes that can match with other pieces and add maybe one or two colorful items for a fun look.

Here’s 3 outfit examples of day to night looks that I created on Urstyle to showcase how I would transition my daytime looks to an evening on the town.

These styles incorporate some of the same items repeated on different days, for instance, the same tan colored cross body bag, black pumps, sunglasses, hat and sneakers. By packing a few accessories like jewelry, small handbags/wallets and sunglasses, you can change up the look and yet take up minimal space in your suitcase. A total win-win!

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