How I Manage Working from Home (during quarantine)

Doesn’t it feel like 2020 needs a reset button? Like seriously… what is this all about?

Feels like were all going about our lives and bammmm… knocked on our asses!

Suddenly many of us find ourselves working from home who maybe didn’t before the whole coronavirus outbreak. And now lots of us are finding ways to adapt to working from home which often times presents many challenges. I personally work outside the home normally, but have been home for about 6 weeks now. So I spend plenty of time still doing my regular job which includes answering countless emails, video chats and other tasks. It’s taken some adjusting that’s for sure.

Here’s how I manage working from home:


Maintaining a routine

Even though I’m not going to work I find it important to carry on as if I were still going in every day (minus the car ride – hahaha) So therefore, I get up in the morning, get showered, come to the kitchen where I make a coffee or tea. Then I get dressed and do a simple makeup routine.

Before, whenever I did work from home, even if it was just working on my Etsy shop, I often times worked in my pajamas, did work from the sofa on my laptop, or even my bed. I’ll be honest. I was anything but productive doing this because I could never really get comfortable and it was too hard to handle any paperwork I was using. So I changed things up and got myself into the headspace that if I acted like I was going to work, I would be more productive and this definitely worked.


Dedicated work space

Not everyone has ample space to dedicate to a home office “command centre” as I like to call it. So whether it’s a kitchen table, a converted closet, or a spare room that is set up like an office, find yourself a dedicated workspace. Luckily, I have a great desk and a lovely work space. It’s a pure joy coming to it everyday and it just makes me happy.


Background sound

I need some sort of sound… whether it’s music or a tv show playing the background. I need something to drown out the sound of traffic or the dead silence if the window is closed. That’s when I’ll turn on one of my playlists… maybe it’s all out 80s music, or maybe a little Frank Sinatra, or maybe some classical, jazz, or something else. If it’s a tv show that I play, it’s gonna be Golden Girls, Seinfeld, or some other late 80s or 90s sitcom. I consider it a type of white noise that just plays in the background but doesn’t affect my focus on my work.


Staying hydrated

Fun fact, I don’t drink enough water throughout the day. I realized this when I started getting drowsy mid afternoon every day. I wasn’t tired, I was dehydrated. Once I upped my water intake the drowsiness went away. So now I make sure I drink a lot of water. And since I love iced coffee, I started drinking 24 ounces of water before my coffee, and 24 ounces after my coffee, plus any additional water throughout the day. Coffee is a dehydrator so I want to make sure I’m drinking enough to replenish any fluid loss with my caffeine drinks. The end result, my fatigue went away.


Planning my productivity

I am a master at multitasking, like serious master. LOL. I could have my own tv show on how to multitask – like for reals people. Now that being said, not all multi-tasking is created equal. And I wasn’t always so good at it, but, there does come a time when multitasking is anything but productive. In fact, before I created my planner, I was too scattered. I wasn’t self motivated to complete anything because so many tasks just seemed enormous and overwhelming and on top of that I wasted so much time because I never had a plan of action for what needed to be done in the first place. I kept my to do list in my head which was foolish in the first place as I well know my head is a vast space of thoughts traveling at near speed of light proportions. So keeping things I needed to do in my head was a huge mistake. I was overwhelmed and frustrated because I felt like I was on a hamster wheel, just spinning around and around and never getting anything done. My planner changed that for me.


Connecting with people

I am a definite people person, so I find I need to connect with people – right now through video chat because of the whole quarantine. Video chats have been a game changer because of the ability to see who you are talking with instead of just texting or voice call. It makes it all “human” again in many ways. So not only am I doing video chats with colleagues about our work, but I’ve been making it a point to video chat with friends. It’s been so great to laugh and just see each other. Makes the distance close a little.


Setting a finish time

When I’m working my day job I try to stick to my regular hours of 8am to 4pm although much of that time is not spent working on the job because much of my work is staggered where I might get ten emails in one hour and none the next three hours. And 95% of my job right now is just responding to emails as it’s the only way for people to contact me while working from home. So I will keep my email open on my desktop and work away at any number of things. I also have an Etsy shop that I love working on so it’s nothing for me to work on that between my day job tasks. After 4pm I strictly work on my shop and because I love doing it, it never feels like work so I will often .

As someone with an online Etsy shop that I love to work on day and night, my “finish up” time on quarantine has been as late as midnight. When you love what you do, it never feels like work so I’ve found I will plug away until I’ve had enough. It’s different



And there you have it… some little ways I feel like I’M rocking the whole mandatory work from home scenario right now.  What have you implemented that’s helped you with working from home?


Ciao for now…


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