How to create a brand board for your blog

If you’ve been following along, you know that I recently created a brand board for my blog and business and I can’t help but talk about it. This brand board helped me see all of my design elements in one spot, plus it looks so professional when you have consistency across all forms of social media and within your business.

To help you out with creating your own, I’m going to show you what I did to create mine.

So what’s included in my Urban Design Co brand board?

Here’s what mine looks like:

First off, I’ve put my newest logo at the top. Yes “newest” because I love, love, love logos and find that I have often redesigned it many times. Sometimes I’ve needed different versions, based on what I’m using it for specifically. My blog header is my newest logo, I use the circle version in many of my Etsy postings, and will use the other capital font format for other types of media.

Secondly, I added four photos that I consider my inspiration photos that not only spark creativity for me but also represent my blog and business. I’m all about flowers, notebooks, cups, and pretty backgrounds.

Thirdly, I included my palette of favorite colors that I use consistently with my blog. Pretty much everything I do falls into those five colors. You can choose to have three, four, or even five colors for your blog, but remember not to choose too many as it may lead to inconsistency which is exactly what you are trying to avoid. Remember, you want your readers and customers/clients to recognize your brand.

Next, I put down my favorite four fonts that I use for much of my social media and design elements, especially when using my logo or printed materials.

Below the fonts, I have the other variations of my logo, as mentioned earlier, that I use for different types of media.

Lastly, I included three background patterns that I typically use or that I find are consistent with my brand. I love marble backgrounds, wooden ones and also polka dots.

Snag my FREE PRINTABLE Brand Board template right here.


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