How to Have an Insanely Productive Day

Most of us are trying to juggle so many things in the run of a day, week or month that we are often left with our heads spinning.

I know for myself, that there are days when I seem to be so busy I run from task to task and have little focus or real memory of doing any of it. Ever driven somewhere only to realize when you got there that you don’t even remember the drive? I have, a little more than I care to admit actually. (yikes)

And that’s not even mentioning the days when I have so much to do that I can’t seem to sort through it all and in the end, nothing gets done.

Truth is, that is more the “old me” when I’d be like a proverbial hamster on the wheel, just spinning and spinning for nothing to get done in the end.

If any of this sounds like you, here’s some tips for an insanely productive day…


Getting up early or staying up late

I’m a morning person so getting up early and tackling things is a no-brainer for me to accomplishing things. But a good friend of mine is way more productive at night so she’ll opt for catching a few more winks in the morning and staying up until midnight to do things if she has to and that’s fine. Whether you’re a morning person or a night owl – work with that and go from there.


Feed your brain

Growing up as a kid and even as a young adult I always ate breakfast. Then I got to a phase where I didn’t eat anything in the morning. One thing I learned is that I do function way better when I have something nutritious in the morning, whether it’s something like a smoothie or protein shake, I work better when my body is fed.


Planning is key

We all know the saying, “failing to plan is planning to fail” and it’s so true.

Grab my free daily productivity planner here. Jot down the priorities you have for day and keep in mind to keep it to a few things. Don’t set yourself up with an unrealistic list of items that even Wonder Woman couldn’t accomplish.

Be sure to break down big tasks into smaller, bite sized pieces. Not only does this make it more manageable but prevents you from being overwhelmed.


Turn off for a bit

A good friend of mine seemed to unreachable each day at some point and it annoyed me to the point I finally asked. His response was simple, “I turn my phone/ringer off when I’m tackling something that needs my attention, otherwise I’m tempted to check it nonstop every time there’s a ping or chime. If it’s off, I don’t hear it and I don’t look.” Such a simple thing and yet it does make a considerable difference. If you’re able to do this, do it. Remember, we all lived just fine before cell phones when we didn’t need to be connected all-the-time like we are now.


Power nap

Since I’m a morning person, I sometimes feel by mid-afternoon that my eyes are tired especially if I’m staring at my computers screen for hours on end. At times like these I will sometimes take the opportunity to have a quick nap – just 20 minutes is enough to restore my energy level and I feel rejuvenated to keep going.


Stay hydrated

On days when a power nap just isn’t possible, it’s imperative to stay hydrated. Did you know that most times our afternoon slumps are a sign of dehydration? It’s true. Our daily morning coffees actually dehydrate us and it’s important to keep up on water intake.


Take breaks

It’s easy for me to be of the mindset to keep going once I’m heavy into something, but it’s just as important to take breaks – especially if working at the computer for extended periods of time. This goes the same for taking a morning, an afternoon, or a whole day away from working if you can. It does wonders for the body, mind and soul in so many ways.

I mean, hey, even God himself rested on the 7th day. Hahahahha


Hopefully these ideas give you some foundation for making your day more productive.


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