How To Speed Clean Your Bathroom In Minutes

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If you are like me, and like most people actually, the one room in the house you likely despise cleaning the most is the bathroom. Let’s face it, it’s gotta be the yuckiest room in the whole house. And little wonder why. It’s where we all “go”, right?

I’ve developed a routine in order to get in, get it done and get out with a completely clean feeling bathroom and I do it all in a matter of minutes.



Before I even start cleaning, I grab my cleaning caddy. Quite some time ago, I got myself a caddy so that I could put all the cleaning supplies I use for the bathrooms in a handy tote that I can easily pick and up and take to each bathroom.  With having 3 bathrooms in our house, I wanted to make sure I had a kit that contained everything so I wasn’t wasting time running from one bathroom to another because I forgot something. Putting everything in the caddy makes it super easy to go from room to room.

Here’s the items I put in my Bathroom Cleaning Caddy:

  • Cloths (I actually use unscented baby wipes so I can wipe things down and toss them out)
  • Microfiber cloths (for mirrors and I love, love, love these ones!)
  • Paper towels
  • Glass and mirror cleaner (I make my own, get the “recipe” here)
  • Scrubbing powder or abrasive cleaner
  • Toilet cleaner
  • Floor cleaner (I make my own, get the “recipe” here)
  • Scrub brush
  • Roll of spare garbage bags
  • Rubber gloves



First off, I like to spray the sink/tub/shower and let the solution just sit. Giving the cleaner time to sit helps to break down the dirt and grime. While this is doing it’s thing I move onto the mirrors…



I like to start with the mirrors by spraying them with my DIY glass and mirror spray and then wiping them down in a typical crisscross swiping motion.



After the mirror I use one of the baby wipes and wipe down the counter top and take a minute to tidy up any items that I keep on the vanity like the soap dispenser (I even wipe it down if it’s sticky with soap drips), flower vase, etc,  and I replace the hand towel.



While the cleaner is still working in the sink/tub/shower, I move onto garbage can and I either empty it into a larger garbage bag, or remove the bag that’s already in it and replace it with a new one.



After the garbage, I like to glance over at the toilet paper holder and see if it needs to be replenished or put on the holder (hello kids and husband who just let it sit perched on the roller instead of placing it properly). In our en suite bathroom, we have a standing holder that allows for 3 “reserve” rolls in addition to the current roll so I will replace these at this time if needed.



Now is when I go back and give the sink a good wipe down, along with the tub and/or shower. I find that the cleaner has had enough time to break up any residue and typically comes clean with ease.  If you find your shower doesn’t get the regular attention that it should and is often grimy when it’s time to clean, try this DIY Daily Shower Spray and spray once you get out of the shower each day. This will make it so much easier when you do your shower/tub next time.



In recent months I’ve been buying those handy solid cleaners that you clip onto the toilet bowl and they give the toilet bowl a quick refreshing every time it’s flushed. These are so awesome and I can’t imagine not having them now. While they don’t mean you never have to clean the toilet, they are a nice refresher between cleanings. When I do clean the toilet, I like to use a good thick cleaner that really clings to the bowl. I let it sit for a couple of minutes and then return to give it a scrubbing with the toilet brush.

Tip: Buy your toilet brushes at the dollar store. No one needs an expensive one from a department store, I mean, look at what its job is, right? I buy them at the dollar store and replace them every month or so. At just a dollar or two, it’s not wasted money. 



Finally, I spray the floor liberally with my DIY Floor Cleaner and wipe up with my mop. Some people like to save the floors for another day when they are doing floors of other rooms, but I really like to do them at the same time as the bathroom so that I know and feel like the bathroom is completely done. But it’s up to you.


Once you do this routine a few times, it will take less time than the first time you do it and you’ll really get into the swing of things and be able to get them done quickly.



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