How To Survive Long Haul Flights


It’s something every traveler must face at some point.. the dreaded long haul flight… consisting of hours of being cooped up in that metal tube in the sky. I think the longest flight I’ve taken was roughly 9 hours to Venice, Italy. It was a doozy, but not impossible to get through.

Thankfully, there ARE ways to survive and make any long haul flight a little more bearable. The biggest key is preparedness and a few helpful hints. *wink*

Here’s what I do to help me survive those long flights:

Seat selection

This is based on two factors – where you like to sit and what you can afford. The window seat offers the bonus of having the wall/window to rest against which is perfect for those who like to catch some zzz’s inflight. The aisle is great if you prefer to occasionally stretch your leg out into the aisle. (watch for the cabin crew pushing the meal carts though!)

Also, some airlines offer premium seating with slightly more leg room if you want to pay extra for it, and it’s usually located just behind the first class area. A great option if you need a little extra room but don’t want to pay for first class.

Wear comfortable clothes

Now I’m all for looking stylish and cute when travelling, but those long haul flights bring out the side of me who goes for comfort over style. Leggings, a comfortable t-shirt or sweater and comfy shoes that I can easily take off are a must. Recently, I even invested in a pair of compression socks that I slip on during flights.

Plan My carry on

For those long haul flights I pack with convenience in mind and make sure that I have everything I need and that it’s easily accessible. No point in having all the things you need, but having to pack it in an overhead bin 4 rows away because the bins over your own seat are already full.


I don’t always like the airline entertainment so I make sure I’ve loaded up my iPad and phone with things I want to watch or do. I also make sure I’ve got the chargers in my carry on for easy access as well.

Pack an eyemask

It’s hard to sleep with the bright light from the window or the glare of your seat “neighbor’s” tv screen. Pack an eye mask and rest in darkness.

Snacks & hydration

Always, always, always pack yourself some snacks. While long haul flights often have some sort of food, sometimes you get hungry before or after the food is distributed. Pack something to munch on in case a craving hits. And don’t forget to hydrate with water. I always make sure I have a bottle of water in my seat pocket that I can grab at any time for a quick sip.

Go for a walk

Two hours of sitting in a cramped, minimal position spot is anything but comfortable – let alone any time greater than that so I try to get up and stretch my legs, walk the length of the plane and stretch as best I can. Even standing by your seat row and stretching out your legs is good.

Change seats

It never hurts to ask the cabin crew if you can move to a less crowded spot on the plane. They will often oblige as long as you aren’t switching to a higher class such as an economy seat for a premium one.


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And there you have it, some helpful ideas that you can do to ease the stress of making it through a long haul flight.

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