Must Haves for Every Girl Boss Work Space

When you’re a business owner, your work space is your base for everything. It’s your think pad, your launch pad, and your retreat for all things creative. Right?

I know my work space is my little piece of heaven where I keep everything I need at my fingertips.


Here’s 12 items that I believe every girl boss needs in her work space:


A Planner

Every girl boss needs a good planner to help schedule out all business related items. I love my daily planner because I can keep track of so much of my day all on one page and I wouldn’t be able to run my side hustles without my small business planner at all. I use it for keeping track of all business related things all in one place. I actually created both of these planners and several more as one of my side hustles and love using them. After all, isn’t necessity the “mother of invention”?

A Notepad

I like to keep a simple open-faced notepad on my desk for jotting down things quickly when I need a piece of paper so I don’t need to go fumbling around looking for somewhere to write it.


I know this likely seems redundant in the age of our smart phones where we can keep all appointments and important dates in our phones for easy access, but I’m still old fashion when it comes to keeping a desk calendar where I can write down things for the whole month and see them all at a glance. What can I say… I’m a visual person.

Stationery Supplies

I love, love, love stationery supplies, from fancy pens to pretty paper, and from trendy staplers to cute push pins. I am a total geek when it comes to this stuff. I love it all and it’s a must-have item for any girl boss to have the essential office supplies.


Nothing keeps papers better organized than folders. I gave mine a total makeover to make them gorgeous (who wants those boring manila colored folders when you can have glam ones?). Check out my DIY File Folders here. I love using them and it encourages me to put my miscellaneous papers in their proper folders which means less clutter.

Vision Board

Having a vision board isn’t something I had until recently and I love it. A vision board is a space where you either cut and paste, or simply print pictures of things that you hope to acquire, or that inspires you, or is a future goal to achieve and place them on the board. The board is then a sort of inspiration area that you can reference as a reminder of goals and things you love or things you plan to do next.


There are times when my house is busy and I need to listen to something online. That’s when headphones come in handy because I can tune out house noise, and I can listen to what I need to without disturbing others as well. Total win-win.

Storage Boxes

Clutter is one of those things that distracts us and if you are me, it almost screams at me until I clean it up. It’s like I can’t do anything until I clear the clutter. Storage boxes are a great solution for hiding items that don’t need to take up space on your desk, or may not be that attractive to have on display (hello hole puncher and spare cords).

Pretty Things

Who doesn’t love a vase of flowers (faux in my case because nothing can survive under my care, except the cat because she reminds me to feed her), and some pretty decorative pieces? I love them because a pretty space inspires me to work. If you enjoy being in your space you will just naturally want to be there and work more.

Cleaning wipes

Two things about me are that: 1) I’m a germaphobe and, 2) I like a sanitized workspace. I know it’s a little crazy but I like to wipe things down regularly, with a cleaning wipe to rid my area of cold and flu germs that may be in the air (I have a 12 year old step-daughter who is really just a walking petri dish of germs).


I bought a really nice glass carafe that I keep on my desk with water that I can use throughout the day. Not only is it attractive and nice looking on my desk but it’s also a good reminder to drink up throughout the day.

Healthy Snacks

When hunger strikes I like to keep a stash of healthy protein bars on hand that I can grab quickly and easily to curb any tummy rumbles. I pick ones that are low in sugar and high in protein and fiber. Another thing I will do is take some time to prepare some pre-cut veggies and fruit for a healthy snack throughout the day.


If you’re a boss babe and looking for a great Printable Small Business Planner, check out the one I created for my own side hustles and I use all the time. It contains 74 awesome pages to ensure you can plan out every aspect of your business from start to finish, and everything in between.




And that’s my list of must have items for every girl boss work space. Is there something that you use that I should too? Let me know below.

Ciao for now…




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