Must See Things in Barcelona

I absolutely love Spain, and the city of Barcelona is one reason why. This city is so vibrant, and I love that it’s considerably less expensive than other European cities.

I visited this beautiful city during the winter, March to be exact, and the weather was actually better than I thought. Seeing I was coming from Atlantic Canada where it was snowing when I left, Barcelona was a welcome change to a moderate temperature. I still needed a coat, but certainly didn’t need more than that.

Here’s some things I wouldn’t have wanted to miss in beautiful Barcelona:

Park Güell

This unique park is sprinkled with architect Antonio Gaudí’s buildings and statues that are truly one of a kind and reminiscent of something in Dr. Seuss in my opinion. It’s whimsical mosaic design is truly entertaining to see and definitely worth the trip to this area of the city.

Admission to this part is about 8 Euros per person, but the park is actually free at night. Persons with mobility issues may find this park challenging as there are several steps and involves a lot of walking.

La Sagrada Familia

This remarkable church is Gaudí’s unfinished masterwork. It has been under construction for years and no sign of it ending either. I actually ran out of time to see this masterpiece on the inside (the lineup to get in actually circled the entire church) so be sure you book a tour to do this and avoid the ticket line as well as getting a guide so you can be informed on the history and get the full scoop on this outstanding piece of architecture. As I mentioned, I missed on this opportunity myself so will have to save it for another trip to Barcelona. #travelersremorse

Las Ramblas

This lively promenade is roughly 1.2km in length cutting through the center of the old part of town and is definitely a part of town I really like. I love the vibe here, with so many places to shop and eat and there is always so much to see.


Something to keep in mind is that parts of this area do morph into more of a red light district at night, with prostitutes frequenting the southern part of the boulevard.

Gothic Quarter Walking Tour

Taking a walking tour of this area is so worth the money as you get an introduction to this enchanting part of town featuring it’s Roman remnants and medieval palace. You’ll even traverse centuries touring this area so rich in history. Definitely worth the couple of hours it would take to see this area.

And there you have it, some awesome things to do and see in Barcelona that shouldn’t be missed.

Have you been to Barcelona? What did  you love about it?


Ciao for now…

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