My 5 “Must Have” Handbag Essentials

There’s always a few things that us “ladies” love to have in our handbags for those “quick fix” moments when we are on the go.

I keep a little pouch in my purse at all times that has just 5 items for a quick touch up. Mind you, this is just one of the many pouches in my handbag where I categorize my handbag must-haves so that I’m sure to always have what I need.

I should point out that this post is more about the “types” of products and not necessarily the “brands” or exact items.

1. Mini Hairspray
I always have this because for some reason I always have a piece or section of hair that is unruly or untamed at some point during the day. A quick spritz and I’m good to go.
Pictured: Rusk Freezing Spray mini

2. Mini Perfume
I love having a small atomizer or roll on perfume that I can quickly apply during the day for a little burst of scent to freshen up. Plus, I find it’s a little pick me up.
Pictured: Avon’s Haiku roll on

3. Hand Sanitizer
I’m a germaphobe and always use sanitizer after touching store carts, railings, doors or anything like that, and especially if I’m about to eat something with my hands like crackers or veggies. You will never find me without some sort of sanitizer somewhere close.
Pictured: Bath & Body Works, Black Cherry Merlot sanitizer

4. Toothpaste
There’s nothing nicer than being able to brush your teeth after a coffee, a lunch date, or snack and believe me, your coworkers will appreciate it too. I keep a mini tube of toothpaste and a travel toothbrush in my purse for any time I feel the need for clean teeth… and let’s face it, gum doesn’t always do the job alone.
Pictured: Crest travel size toothpaste

5. Hand/Body Lotion
There are times when I’m going about my day and suddenly realize I have a patch of dry skin somewhere on my body… front of shin, hands, elbows, top of foot.. it never ends. Lotion quickly remedies the situation until I can exfoliate at home. Plus, I love the feeling of moisturized hands during the day, especially if I’m working with a lot of paper (sorting, filing, etc) which robs your hands of natural oils.
Pictured: Hempz Original Lotion – it smells amazing and is soooo good.

What are some of your “quick fix” essentials?

Ciao for now…




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