My Fave Beauty Uses for Coconut Oil

We’ve all been hearing for years about the benefits of coconut oil in both cooking and beauty so it’s no surprise that it is showing up in everything from cookies to shampoo.

I’ve used it sporadically in cooking for a while and the only reason I don’t use it all the time is because it does leave a faint coconut taste and not everyone in my house is as fond of it as I am – at least not all the time.

As of lately, I have been using it for more things in my every day beauty regime and to be honest, I don’t know if I could live without it. I mean, it’s totally on my “if i am stuck on a deserted island… what would I NEED to have with me…” list. So that’s pretty good if you ask me.


If you haven’t tried using Extra Virgin Coconut Oil in your beauty regime – you really should start.

Now I do feel the need to say that I really don’t think it’s something you have to go and spend a fortune on in order to see results. I bought a big jar at a local health food store for around $10 and a little goes a long way.

Here’s my absolute favorite beauty way to use coconut oil …

Body oil – I love that coconut oil gives my skin such a silky soft feeling after using it that lasts for days. This is especially nice during the colder winter months when my legs and arms are drier than usual. I use a good portion amount and rub it into my legs, arms, and even feet allowing it to soak in for a few minutes. If I am short on time in the morning, I will actually do this at night instead and allow it to soak in before getting into bed.

Cuticle oil – Gone are the days when I would buy special cuticle cream for my not-so-nice nail beds. I have been using coconut oil on my cuticles – gently massaging it in – for once-a-week treatments and although I’m no expert, there’s a part of me that wonders if it’s actually making my nails grow faster. Maybe the massaging, maybe the oil – I’m not sure, but I like it!

Hand cream – I’ve always been a lotion-at-bed-time kinda person, especially my hands and there’s just something so nice about waking up to super soft hands each morning. If I want a really intense hand therapy session – I will coat my hands in the oil and then slip on a pair of gloves to go to bed… the heat from your hands will give you a more intense hand treatment while you sleep.

Lip balm – I’ve used a lip balm when I go to bed almost every night for as long as I can remember. I’ve always hated going to sleep with dry lips – why does this matter – I have no idea. Maybe I’m a mouth breather and it dries out my lips – I’m not sure. (It has seriously kept me up at night once or twice when I’ve had to go to bed with nothing on my lips.) As of lately, I’ve really liked going to bed with just a dab of coconut oil on them to keep them soft while I sleep. The nice part? I wake up with soft lips.

Hair treatment – Who couldn’t use an all natural leave in hair treatment that smells like happiness? As if the smell of coconuts isn’t enough to make me smile from ear to ear, the fact that this oil is a great hair conditioning treatment is just the cherry on top. In fact, I used about two tablespoons of it on my hair last night at bedtime. I coated my hair, put it in a loose bun and went to bed. This morning I shampooed my hair as usual and it’s soooo soft. I love it. But word of warning – because it’s an oil be sure you cover your pillows with a nice thick towel so you didn’t ruin your pillowcases and sheets.

Shaving cream – Believe it or not, it’s true… coconut oil makes a great shaving cream. I was skeptical about this one myself until I tried it. It works and does double duty as a moisturizer as well. So it’s totally a win-win.

Also, something I like to do when I buy a jar is transfer some of it into other containers. For instance, I put a little in a smaller pot to use as lip balm, some more in another container for the shower (plastic in the shower, never glass), some more in a jar for my hands, etc. This way, I’m not dipping my hands into the main jar and using it on my feet one minute and then dipping in again for my lips or face the next minute. (bit of a germaphobe here, just sayin’) Plus, it makes good use of the empty jars I have around the house from other products. If I love the jar, I keep it and reuse it for other things. Great way to recycle and reuse.

Ciao for now…


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