Nighttime Habits of the Super Successful

While sitting in the dentist office waiting for my turn to be tortured, I picked up a business magazine and began rifling through the pages. Definitely not my choice of reading material but hey, it was this or a sticky-paged Clifford the Big Red Dog book. I wish I had remembered which magazine it was (so I could give proper credit for this research), and normally I would have taken notice, but I think I was actually startled when the dental assistant called out my name. Damn, it was my turn.

The article I was reading was on the nighttime habits of the super successful. I gotta admit, I was totally intrigued. I mean, hey, what if I’m doing something like them and “uber success” is just looming for me around the next corner. I could be doing something awesome each night and I don’t even know it.

Here’s some habits the ultra successful do for their nighttime routines:


1. They Read

Yeah, it turns out that reading before bed can supercharge your brain for more creativity and boost ideas. They read stuff on anything from news stories to fiction.

2. They Plan Their Day The Night Before

The article mentioned the old adage that “every minute spent in planning saves 10 minutes in execution” so the importance of writing down everything you need to accomplish the next day actually saves you time. And to top it off, you increase productivity by 25% if you follow a list of “to do’s” over those who do not plan or make a list.

3. They Set Priorities For The Next Day

If you’ve determined you have 10 things to do the next day, you should set out the most important things to do first – usually 3 things that take precedence over the others. These are the things that you should really set your mind to getting done before the other tasks… the things that can’t wait.

4. They Spend Time With Family

This sounded like a no-brainer to me because interaction is so important these days when we spend so much time in non-face-to-face digital conversations with people.

5. They reflect on the day

I often do this myself during my commute home from work and not so much at bedtime. I ponder over the day and think of things that happened, or conversations I had. I think that taking time to to rehash the day is soooo important. According to the article, reflection can put you in a positive mood.

6. They meditate

Apparently, many successful people meditate before bed. I’ve never done it myself, but hey, maybe I should try because it’s known to calm the mind and body in preparation for a good night’s sleep.

7. They unplug and disconnect

Looks like successful people aren’t sitting on their phones or laptops in bed checking emails or other work related things. In fact, they are doing anything but that.

8. They envision tomorrow’s success

I have never done this but I think I might have to try. The article mentioned that many successful people actually sit and envision a good outcome for their upcoming and current projects.

So there you have it… the nighttime habits of some super successful people.



Turns out, I actually DO have some of the same habits… so watch out world, I could be a budding blog mogul on the brink of fortune… yeahhhh… not gonna hold my breath on that one.

Ciao for now…


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