Organize Your Life Like a Total Girl Boss

Every girl boss knows the importance of keeping on top of everything, after all, chances are you wear many hats in your business every single day and there’s so much importance to staying organized. Without it, your whole business can fall apart. It’s hard to stay on top of things when you aren’t sure what needs to be done or when it has to be completed.

Here’s some ways to organize your life like a total girl boss:


1. Schedule Everything

No matter what it is that you need to do, put it in your schedule as a reminder. A dental appointment, a work meeting, an oil change, it doesn’t matter. Save yourself the headache (and embarrassment) of missing an appointment or event.


2. Create a master calendar

I used to write my notes down on sticky notes, pieces of paper or whatever piece of note paper I could grab and leave them all around, not exactly an efficient system at all. Whether you use your phone, a daily planner, an app, or other sort of calendar, you really do need to make a schedule.

3. Keep a detailed to do list

I can’t tell you how much time I’ve wasted in my life wondering what I’m supposed to be doing at any given moment. If I had a to-do list, I’d “know” what I’m supposed to be doing. Call me weird, but there’s something really satisfying about checking, or crossing things off, your to do list as you complete them. It usually gives me more momentum to keep moving with the list and accomplish everything.


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4. Make use of project management apps

Manage your current and future projects by using helpful apps to track your progress and even collab with others right through the apps. It’s a great way to keep on top of things. There are plenty of project management apps out there, some offer free versions that may have all the specs you require. Check out ones like Monday, Trello, Wrike, Meister Task, or if you prefer the old fashioned paper version, check out my Small Business Planner and Productivity Planner.


5. Get in the habit of writing things down

I used to rarely write things down, often relying solely on my grey matter to recall it all. Lemme tell ya, as I’m getting older, the less I’m remembering. So I’ve learned to get in the habit of writing things down… my ideas, random notes I want to remember, things I think of doing, you name it – I’m writing it down.


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6. Declutter

It seems that decluttering comes up in a lot of my blog posts for ways to do this or that, and it’s obviously because it’s so important. Let’s all face it, clutter is a distraction. Plain and simple. The less clutter, the more you can focus on what you are doing and can get more done.


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7. Set up routines

If you set up regular routines, you become accustomed to knowing that’s what you do at a specific time. You can set routines for weekends, for the mornings, for the evenings, etc. Setting up routines is like being on auto-pilot because that’s how you get accustomed to working.  I like to set up regular routines for many aspects of daily life so that I can juggle several things.


8. Handle things once

When tidying up, I find it useful when picking up any item to put it away – right away. I just find that if I put it over “here” or over “there” it never gets put away. Try to handle things once by dealing with them then and being done with it. It might take an extra minute or two at the time, but saves you time on the other end.


9. Process mail as you pick it up or open it

Ever open snail mail and put it down thinking you will deal with it later? Me too. But I started dealing with things at the moment. I set aside a moment to deal with any mail and do any tasks associated with it. For instance, my Costco membership reminder came in the mail and rather than put it aside for later, I went online and renewed the membership right then and there. Done. It’s so much easier to just do this rather than find time later. Same goes for email… open the email and deal with any tasks before going on to the next one.


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10. Keep things neat

Decluttering is one thing, keeping things neat is another. I struggle with this one as I often find I can be a messy worker (no matter what I’m doing) … who has multiple things out on the desk/table/counter at any time… and it always looks like a disaster zone. When I’m done doing whatever I might be doing, I take an extra minute to put everything back so it’s neat and doesn’t result in me having to do it later. It’s a real concerted effort for me to do this but I’m always satisfied when coming to a clean work space each time.


11. Clear your mind

In recent months, I’ve gotten in the habit of being mindful and being in the moment of whatever I’m doing. It’s not always easy, but I’m making progress. In doing this though, I’ve found it helpful to get in the practice of writing down my thoughts and ideas first thing in the morning when I wake up. Know why? Because it clears up head space. I if write it down, it will leave my head and allow me to move on. You can do this during any part of your day and believe me, it works.


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And there you have it… some ways you can organize your life like a total girl boss and rock it while you’re at it.


Is there something you do that helps you keep organized? Let me know below.

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