Things To Do at Home During Quarantine

Isn’t it crazy and hard to believe that the whole world is in some sort of lockdown right now? I mean, the whole world. That’s pretty remarkable when you think about it. Talk about crazy times we live in right now.


For me here in Atlantic Canada, we are in week five of this mandatory quarantine lockdown with no end in the immediate future at this point. I’ve enjoyed this time being off work because it’s allowed me to have endless time to work on my Etsy shop which is such a passion of mine. I absolutely love it so filling my days with things to do definitely isn’t a problem.

If you’ve found yourself twiddling your thumbs wondering what on earth you can do, here’s some things you can do to stir up the monotony of the quarantine.



As a regular gym goer myself, I’ve found it hard with the gyms being closed. So I’ve opted for at-home workouts and going for daily walks.  As a person who hated any form of exercise in the past, but who grew to love it, I can assure you it does wonders for the mind and not just the body.


Get creative

Now’s a great time to take up doing something creative whether it’s painting, writing, a craft, photography, or some other outlet that you’ve maybe always wanted to take up or get back into “if you had time”.


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Learn something new with your time off… maybe learn a new language, a new computer program, a new hobby, or a something else of particular interest to you. Curling up with a good book and a cup of tea (or hey, a glass of wine) is always a nice way to spend an hour or two.


Video chat

Missing your friends? Me too. I miss my friends and coworkers a lot. So lately we’ve been opting for video chats to keep in touch. It’s nice to see each other, rather than just texting and it feels good to have a few laughs together.


Tackle the to-do list

Remember that list of things you never got done because you were too busy with work and other activities? Now might be the time to do that. Plus, there’s such a sense of accomplishment in being able to check off items as you complete them.


Set new goals

I’ve personally taken a good look at things in my life lately and have set out some new goals for this year. I’ll be honest, the quarantine has turned my original plans for the year on it’s head. This year was going to be a big year of travel for me and my sister, but well… that’s kind of not happening right now. So I’m setting new goals, for myself, for my shop and my life.


Start a side hustle

The number of people who have their own side hustles right now is growing and growing. And that’s because a number of people are looking to supplement their incomes and possible even replace their current one. Plenty of people are opting to work for themselves and create their own empires so to speak. Now’s a great time to delve into what you can do to start your own side hustle.


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And there you have it, some things to try during the quarantine. What will you try?


Ciao for now…


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