Simple Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Spring

Isn’t there just something almost magical about Spring? The sun lasts a little longer, the weather starts warming up, the flowers begin to bloom and most of all, people’s moods get so much better.


On beautiful Spring days, I can’t help but feel like Julie Andrews singing on the side of an Austrian mountain… with arms open wide, and just feeling like life is grand. Okay, maybe that’s a little carried away, but not by much.

Here’s some easy ways that I make my house Spring ready:


Start infusing fresh herbs into my everyday cooking.
This one is so easy when there’s an abundance of fresh herbs at farmer’s markets and local stores. I start switching out some of the dried variety for the fragrant fresh ones. There is nothing, and I mean nothing better than freshly chopped cilantro in your salsa, or freshly julienned basil in your pasta sauce, or whole fresh mint in your cup of green tea. At the local farmer’s market, fresh herbs are only a couple of dollars but pack a whole lotta flavour.


Add new pop of color to your decor
Spring is full of bright, vibrant colors so why not incorporate a bright punch of color into your existing decor? Try adding some colorful pillows, a vase of bright flowers (faux or real), or spring-inspired decor. I always hit up the clearance section of Home Sense (Home Goods if you’re in the States) and can almost always find something that is lower in price than the newest stuff.

Bring out the berries
I definitely don’t need it to be Spring to bring out the berries, but I will admit that they somehow taste better when I use them in fresh recipes like salads, or as garnishes on desserts or even eaten as-are in some plain yogurt.

I always justify spending a few dollars for fresh berries over the frozen kind mainly because the taste is so much better.


Open up those windows and doors
I cannot resist opening up doors and windows allowing the fresh breeze to air out my home. My house is already pretty bright, but nothing compares to the light breeze that blows in from having my windows open. I just find the house feels fresher, especially when I use my Scentsy burner with a nice floral scented wax melt. (anything lilac is my go-to fragrance)


Declutter and switch out fabrics (winter weight/color for lighter ones)
We all know Spring is the season for cleaning and decluttering all the things we gathered over the Fall and Winter. So go ahead and do a spring clean of your house – donate what you no longer need and swap out winter weight/colored things for lighter spring/summer fabrics. That’s right, swap out the heavy and bulky faux fur throws for the lighter, breezy kind.

Hang the laundry outside
Canadian winters can be long, and so I cannot wait for the first sign of Spring so I can begin my season of hanging laundry out on the line. I love the fresh air scent on laundry at the end of the day. A good lung-full of this does the body good, I tell ya.

Rearrange furniture
With the seasons changing, so does the sunlight. We not only get more, but it changes around your house. Maybe the window in the front is now the sunniest spot in the house. Move an armchair or sofa to take advantage of the morning or afternoon sun. It makes a lovely spot to sit and read or to take a nap (that is, if you can get there before the cat does).

Make fresh lemonade
Warmer weather and sunshine instantly puts me in the mood for lemonade… I’m not sure if it reminds me of those childhood days of having a lemonade stand or what, but I definitely love it. Super easy recipe: 1 cup of lemon juice (squeeze 5 or 6 lemons), 1 cup of sugar, 6 cups of water. (slice up lemons for decoration and you have a super refreshing drink)

Buy fresh flowers
Bring the outdoors inside with a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers. I’m fanatical about lilacs and peonies. There’s something about a vase of fresh flowers that just picks up the mood in a room and those around us.

One of the best things about Spring is that Summer quickly follows! *insert celebration dance*

Ciao for now!

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