Wellness Products Every Traveler Must Pack

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or just starting to spread your wings geographically, there’s some things I think everyone should pack when traveling because, no matter how long the trip, traveling causes stress on the body plus we get exposed to close quarters and innumerable germs. Traveling can often mean sleep deprivation, stressful situations, hunger, strange food, pesky insects, and so much more. (But hey… it’s sooo worth it, right?)
So with all that in mind (plus the fact I’m a major germaphobe), these are the wellness products I take with me no matter what:


I’ve taken probiotics for many years, and if you don’t know about them, you seriously need to read up on the benefits. Gut health is essential to overall health. I start taking a good multi-faceted probiotic probably a month ahead of my actual travel dates. This gives me a good foundation for gut health before I even leave. If you want to take it while on your trip, as your local health food store for one that can remain at room temperature as many require refrigeration.


This hormone is naturally found in our bodies and helps to reduce the symptoms of jetlag because it resets our sleep/wake cycle. I always try to abide by the time of day of the place I land when travelling. If I arrive in Paris at 10am, I try to follow this time schedule right away. I will have lunch around 12 or 1, supper between 6 and 8 and then go to bed the first night at a reasonable time, making sure I take a take a melatonin pill and waking the next morning on Paris time.

Oregano Oil

I don’t remember exactly who, but someone in my life introduced oregano oil to me many years ago. I use this as a home remedy through the winter, and not just when travelling. Oregano oil is a strong antibacterial and antifungal agent. I’ve taken it at the first signs of a sore throat, and to aid with any digestive issues that may occur when traveling. It’s available in oil and pill form. (Note: should not be taken by pregnant women or given to children or infants)

Vitamin C

Planes are basically flying petri dishes so it’s easy to pick up colds/flus while traveling. That’s why I make sure I pack either some of those effervescent vitamin C packs and add to some water so I can give my immune system a boost and also stay hydrated while flying, or I will pack some chewable vitamin C tablets than I can take quickly on the go if I know I won’t have access to water for some time.

Essential oils

For whatever reason, it seems that insects always seem to find me. Either mosquitos or sand fleas or some other multi-eyed/multi-legged creature will make an attempt to disrupt my comfort. Essential oils like peppermint, citronella and even thyme are great when added to water and spritzed on skin to keep bugs at bay. Just be sure to test it on a small area of skin first, some sensitive skin can be irritated by it, and be mindful of clothing so as not to stain with the oils.

Protein or Energy Bars

I love the portability of these kinds of bars. They are perfect when on the go and hunger strikes at a time I can’t easily access something good to eat (on trains, subway, etc). I opt for ones that have at least 15g of protein and as little sugar as possible (less than 5g). Ones high in protein will fill me up and keep me going until I have the time or access to something else. I love keeping my energy up, especially when traveling as it often requires mental alertness. Hard to do when you’re hungry.
So there you have it, the wellness things I think every traveler should pack. After all, nothing ruins a trip faster than lack of sleep, getting sick, getting bitten, or being hungry.
What are YOUR must-have wellness items?
Ciao for now…

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