Why Your Blog Needs a Brand Board

I am far I am far from a professional “anything” but I am a huge fan of having “visuals”. I just work better when I can see an overview of things.

A brand board is such a great visual for your blog or business. It was super easy to create and I actually had a moment of “Ahhhh…” when it was complete. It’s just another thing to make me feel good about my blog and business.

Here’s why your blog needs a brand board…

Why should you have one?

1. It’s super useful to have a complete visual overview of your blog/brand/business. It shows your identity and shows the details of how your brand looks in one concise format.

2. It’s perfect for consulting to ensure there is a consistent theme. I can’t tell you how many times before I made my brand board that I sat thinking “what font was that I used?” or “what was that color I loved?”. Now I have it all down in an attractive format and I consult it all the time.

3. It’s a great reference that you can consult when creating graphics and designing items. Plus you can show it to potential collaborators, designers or virtual assistants to ensure anything created for you is consistent with your overall appearance. If doing a collab with another blogger or business it’s great if they use your design elements as well.

Keep in mind that the sky is the limit when creating your brand board. There is no set format and no hard fast rules for how it should look, so you can just have fun with it.


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